Thursday, 25 August 2016

Friday, 13 February 2015

The early bird catches the worm.

The night's are lighter and this morning the sun was up not long after 0600. I reckon you can be in the water well ahead of 7 and that's precisely the plan for tomorrow. Heavy weather on the other side of the pond has kicked up a heck of a lot of snow and a fairly decent, long period swell pointed straight at the south coast. Been watching it all week...

This afternoon's rain from a low crossing the UK will clear overnight and a nice NNW wind flow will set itself up in its wake. 



Only one place to be if you ask me - and that's the Jurassic coast and the long walk out to the mighty Broad Bench.  

Lets hope there aren't many others around with the same idea. 

Monday looks interesting too. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


A draughty old day thanks to hurricane Gonzales. 

Our satellite imagery picked up some cracking images as the storm wound up to the west of the UK and swung out into the North Sea. 



At one o'clock, Gonzales' remnants were out in the North Sea and a north westerly gale was blowing  a hooley across all of Britain in its wake. As you'd expect, the really big gusts were tangled up with the showers. 

The white numbers show the peak gusts. 


Dunno if anyone found any waves.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Big and bouncy

A pretty little dartboard will emerge in the NAT over the next two or three days. Weighing in with a low of less than 955mb it'll be packing a serious punch. The swell's likely to peak on Thursday at around 8-9 feet and 15 or 16 secs so expect most places to be maxing out and the wind'll be howling in from the south. Big, beefy and in all likelihood a lot of work. 

Find the right tucked away spot and you'll score. 

I'd expect Mr Crib to be dusting off his knackers and start throwing some shapes too. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Return of the Low.

The Atlantic seems to have woken up a little this week - Low pressure is back on the scene and it's a pretty good picture on the run up to the weekend. This week's lows are nicely positioned - high in the Atlantic and mobile enough to extend their influence over Cornwall, bringing in a fresher feel and westerly winds through Wednesday and Thursday, before high pressure ridges in across Fastnet through Friday. 



There's some uncertainty on exactly how quickly the ridge will develop on Friday with the EC model wanting to drop it to no more than a feint zephyr by late arvo and it could glass off nicely in the evening. Fingers crossed here. 


The main bulk of the swell isn't destined for us but there'll be a manageable groundswell over the weekend and a nice south-easterly breeze to keep things nice and clean. 




PS how many waves in a set were there last Sunday. I counted 18 on one set!!! The last 4 or 5 peeled through unridden. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


High noon wave period on Saturday - 

Choose carefully where to go as the wind has a little bit of a northerly component. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Steady Eddy

Hurricane nomenclature is a bit silly. This latest one's been given the name Edouard which is almost impossible to spell. It's in the western tropical Atlantic at the moment, doing the meteorological foxtrot and the best the computer models can tell us right now is that it'll continue to beef up for the next couple of days before heading east towards us. 

By Thursday it'll be here -

Friday here ...

...And by Saturday it'll have lost its identity. 

This is likely to bring a decent pulse of long period swell towards Corn which'll hit some time Saturday afternoon and last for a couple of days. I like these kind of swells, nothing too hectic, 3-4 foot, meatier sets and plenty of time to paddle out.