Monday, 21 July 2014

Nice little swell on the way...

Looks like last week's prophecy stands a pretty good chance of coming to fruitition. 

Nothing huge but of good enough size to get more than a little excited about. 

Here's the swell in its infancy...

Wednesday morning dawn patrol looks like the choice session as the sea breeze will probably be on it come mid morning. 

And here is the wind when the swell arrives. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

It's been a while and this is the first update from my ipad so I haveno idea of how good the formatting will be.

There's not been a massive amount to get excited about of late, a few scraps here and there. South-easterly winds haven't seemed to be on the agenda, and when they have it's been a case of no swell. Typical Cornish summer I hear you say. However, there's a storm brewing out in the slot later this weekend and this should swing some waves our way during the middle of next week. Early days for any detail, but there's more than a good chance of winds either being light or offshore at the time the swell arrives and some real waves might be on there cards.