Friday, 31 May 2013


What more can a man ask for but a light wind, puffing gently offshore, wall to wall sunshine and swell peaking at about 13 seconds and 4-5 foot or so.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be delivering.

Make the most of it, as the North Atlantic will then shut down I fear.

Monday, 13 May 2013

It's been a while...

... Been out of the game for a while sorting out a few odds and ends with work and all that, but that's all done and dusted now and hopefully I'll be able to beef out some of the content on this blog over the coming months ahead, as my new line of work gives me access to some wide-wheeled, high octane forecasting content. (as per below)

I might even stick some automated content up here if I get the time, but that might take me some time.

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In the meantime, after a several days of cracking spring sunshine, the weather's broken and there now looks like being an extended period of not very nice, cyclonic conditions with the wind predominantly wavering around between SSW and NNW, ie cool, maritime, shower and rain conditions.

Here's tomorrow

There'll be very little to get the boiler stoked if you are in the market for pumping offshore surf.

The upper air pattern and the position of the jet, looks depressingly like the scenario that developed last April and then lasted all summer and into the autumn. ie tonnes of rain and cool temperatures.  Fingers crossed that get disrupted in the short term.

Here's what the jet's doing on Monday and Tuesday. (pink over UK is bad)