Tuesday, 21 October 2014


A draughty old day thanks to hurricane Gonzales. 

Our satellite imagery picked up some cracking images as the storm wound up to the west of the UK and swung out into the North Sea. 



At one o'clock, Gonzales' remnants were out in the North Sea and a north westerly gale was blowing  a hooley across all of Britain in its wake. As you'd expect, the really big gusts were tangled up with the showers. 

The white numbers show the peak gusts. 


Dunno if anyone found any waves.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Big and bouncy

A pretty little dartboard will emerge in the NAT over the next two or three days. Weighing in with a low of less than 955mb it'll be packing a serious punch. The swell's likely to peak on Thursday at around 8-9 feet and 15 or 16 secs so expect most places to be maxing out and the wind'll be howling in from the south. Big, beefy and in all likelihood a lot of work. 

Find the right tucked away spot and you'll score. 

I'd expect Mr Crib to be dusting off his knackers and start throwing some shapes too.