Sunday, 29 April 2012

pitter patter

Flipping heck, what a grim morning - the house was rattling big style in the night and for some reason my clump of bamboo in the garden has been trashed.

The handsome Mr Eden, self styled king of weather statistics, keeps this very interesting run down of weather statistics. Will be worth looking at over the next couple of days to check out how close this year gets to beating the all time wettest April. It'll certainly end up in the top 5% I'd wager, but whether it'll hit the top spot is anyone's guess.

Here's the latest on the rain this morning...

Anyway back to the surf - the glorious decline of the waves has been absolute this past month, but the toboggan ride that the jet-steam has been hurtling along is finally coming to it's end. Towards the start of next week, simple rings of equal pressure start to form off the southern nipple of Nova Scotia which may bring some proper waves later in the week.

Hope is a long way detached from certainty on this particular swell, but as ever, carefully nurtured forecast charts and wishful thoughts may bring some jewellery from the west.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

what a load of rubbish

Seem to be living off scraps of late - i keep hearing reports of a little bit of swell here and there or the odd tucked away corner producing a few nice rides, but lets face it there hasn't really been a decent swell for over month now.

April's typically a pretty benign month in the Atlantic and persistence seems to be the way it works a lot of the time. If you'd been forecasting using persistence this last month you'd have beaten all the computer models I'd suggest.

Howling onshore wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers. Howling onshore, wind, showers.

There's still not a lot to cheer in the coming week - unless of course you like your Sunday's sat under flipping heavy rain.

Here's the latest splodge or rain heading our way.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Tomorrow's weather will officially be horrid.


Lots of isobars though, so the south coast will most probably worth a look on Thursday.

It could even be quite nice if the wind plays ball.  

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


more crap charts...
Good job I am stuck in Scandinavia with no hope salvation.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Not Much is happening...

I keep hearing reports of surf that's almost good enough to surf but no-one's dipping the toe.
This kind of behavior may last for a while yet and the forecast's looking decidedly dingy.

The Jet is diverting all meteorological traffic in all directions that don't lead to Cornwall, and again its looking like one of those scenarios where you want to just all the isobars 1500 mile further west.

Monday, 9 April 2012


The pitter patter of rain woke me at five this morning and have been awake ever since. Looks like it'll be a while before it clears.

if you are looking at this later click this for the update

Wellies to walk the dog then - it's rather scuppered my plans as i was planning on going poaching but can't be bothered with getting wet. Instead it looks like a couple of things I've been meaning to do for a while may well get done today. I've been building up to buy a circular saw but haven't quite plucked up the courage; its been nagging me though, like an itch that needs to be clawed.

The scenario is still not good for any decent waves over the next fortnight. The main problem is with the Azores high protruding a ridge due north at fairly regular intervals. It's made a couple of grasps with linking up with the Greenland high over the past few days and during the next week the same thing happens.

You can see it the high spread north here between Wednesday, Thursday, before a brief breakdown Friday before it happens again on Saturday. All this does is lock lows out, and had the added disservice of bringint in a northerly airflow over the UK.

This is text book springtime weather, and pretty much the opposite of what I'd prefer to see.
My advice would be to head to the Alps. It might be late season but those cold northerlies will bring plenty snow.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Bunyip

I have a hunch somewhere might be quite good tomorrow.
Lets wait and see....

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


There is nothing out there -
For the next 10 days there will be no surf.
... and the back end looks totally horrid.
If only this low was 1500 mile further west!

On the bight side - My dog did manage to eat a terrier yesterday... See the moment before the kill went in below...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Abandon Hope - all ye who enter here.

We appear to be standing at the gates of hell. There's very little to get excited about on the short, medium and long range charts... The basic outlook is, cold north-east winds will turn north-westerly over the bank holiday weekend (with no real swell generators) before it gets stormy early the week after.
Pretty Crap.
Sometimes you look at charts and think oh, there'll be a the odd day where if the moons align you might get a session in, but this run of charts offer little or no hope.
Right, before anyone gets too depressed let's look on the bright side, the sun is out right now and there is a robin redbreast bobbing about hungrily on the lawn so its all good. Sunday is also day off.