Sunday, 29 April 2012

pitter patter

Flipping heck, what a grim morning - the house was rattling big style in the night and for some reason my clump of bamboo in the garden has been trashed.

The handsome Mr Eden, self styled king of weather statistics, keeps this very interesting run down of weather statistics. Will be worth looking at over the next couple of days to check out how close this year gets to beating the all time wettest April. It'll certainly end up in the top 5% I'd wager, but whether it'll hit the top spot is anyone's guess.

Here's the latest on the rain this morning...

Anyway back to the surf - the glorious decline of the waves has been absolute this past month, but the toboggan ride that the jet-steam has been hurtling along is finally coming to it's end. Towards the start of next week, simple rings of equal pressure start to form off the southern nipple of Nova Scotia which may bring some proper waves later in the week.

Hope is a long way detached from certainty on this particular swell, but as ever, carefully nurtured forecast charts and wishful thoughts may bring some jewellery from the west.

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