Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sunshine clings on

Mmm, isn't this sunshine lovely, oooh and haven't the waves been nice. Bit annoying with the sea fog nestled into the north cornish coast this morning. The sat pic below shows just how localised it is.
It won't last all day I shouldn't have thought.

Eyes down on the Olympics then, tiz buzzing in London with lots of folk milling around wearing Locog outfits and more than one report of people spotting famous sportspeeps.

What'll the weather be doing? its a really tricky one to call at this stage - most of the model providers want to develop beefy showers across the far south-eastern corner of Kent, Essex and the lower Thames basin tomorrow afternoon. The Met Office's model swishes these showers off out into the Channel/North Sea in the evening but the European's keep them clinging on all evening. Its on the cusp though and I reckon it'll stay dry - there I've said it. DRY.

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