Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Wooooooo yeah -

Look below at the position of the Jet Stream in the images below - it's the purple bit, and it's the stage upon which wild weather haunts the corridors. Right now it's over the UK and rain is upon us. During the last few summers - this has been the theme - westerly winds - lows - deluges - wind, and generally pretty crap, depressing weather and last summer in particular, chronic waves.

Well, things are on the rise - and there's going to be a big change ahead of the weekend - The jet is going to head north, way north and let the good times roll in from the south. It's been threatening to happen for a while now, as the position of the Azores high has been comfortably further north than recent summer's.

Looks like its going to stay there for a few weeks too.

Here's the chart for the weekend.

Meanwhile, this low below will bring plenty wave to the north shore on Friday.

And look - mmm - the wind is looking sexy first thing Friday- ie not a scrap of it.


Smaller on Sat, but there'll be another half decent decent pulse of waves on Sunday, I think, and the wind will be equally as nice. 

The fly in the ointment is could be sea fog but hey ho. 

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