Sunday, 4 March 2012

Next weekend

I think its more or less a given that this week is going to be a write off, but it's not all bad as there's a fair amount of action up in the north east Atlantic and that'll be a keeping the swell well above a ten second period right through the week and well into the weekend.

The american forecasters - note the big 'ole low south of Iceland early/midweek

The European forecasters are telling a similar tale.

Once the fronts associated with this low pass through the UK on Wednesday, the jet will elbow its way back towards the north and pressure will build through the Bay of Biscay on Thursday. Meteorologically speaking it's over the horizon if you want to pick out the detail of where the centre of this high will be come next weekend, BUT, most of the major models are fairly aligned and park 'er up in a neat berth across central Europe somewhere. Model alignment is one factor to look at when judging forecast confidence and the fact they have similar outcomes means it's more than 50/50 this far out.

The detail for next Sunday ... both of these beast will produce "Buttery" waves if they are come to fruition.

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