Tuesday, 27 March 2012

That's all folks

Well that was fun wasn't it. When was the best surf in this run? It was a close call but the main contenders had to be either low tide at Fistral north on Friday or perhaps Boobies yesterday (Mon). Fistral probably had better waves but Boobs had fewer people, in fact no people. Which made the waves even better. However, that brown mongrel which ran off with the packet of ham which was going to form the basis of a post surf sandwich did put a slight dampener on proceedings. Chutney on its own ain't the best.
Anyway i'm rambling... its a lot calmer out in the Atlantic as its that time of year when there just isn't the temperature gradient in the mid lattitudes to spawn persistent cyclogenisis like you'd tend to get in Dec or Jan.

As things settle, the last week or so high pressure has been to the east of the UK - its going to shift slowly west, to place itself well to the west of Ireland - this spells trouble as not only does it mean onshore winds but when the ridge heads north and becomes entrenched it will bring down a cooler air from the north. Brrrrrrrr. Winter might not be over yet.

If you want waves the east coast may well beckon.

this is a nice image too - today's sunshine - in all its glory. http://lance-modis.eosdis.nasa.gov/imagery/subsets/?subset=United_Kingdom_Ireland.2012086.terra.250m
Big up to my big sister too, who had a bouncing baby girl today. Constance - no prizes for guessing which beach my sister plucked that one from!

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