Monday, 6 August 2012

promise of some decent waves

Wobbly waves over the weekend - as expected, last week's low out to the west of Ireland has faded and merged into a flabby, unstructured brute which cause headaches for the mop up crews again today I suspect. Waves went from quite chunky on friday night to a foot or so by yesterday afternoon. It did it's best to clean itself up a couple of times, most noticeably on friday evening. Found some so so ones up around Boobies, but nothing spectacular.

There's a disturbance off the southern tip of Greenland now...

...which should fire some proper swell our way by midweek. Wednesday night is when the new swell will appear and hopefully it will last through Thursday.

Winds will be light and the sun out on both Wed and Thu, so there'll be a pretty decent sea breeze kicking in, which of course will junk it up - timing will be crucial.

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