Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Fall

The forecast charts are drifting into the Autumn. Where did the summer go? The summer's been dominated by whole series of charts with low pressure just that little bit to close to Cornwall, leaving us with odds and sods and very few "proper" swells.

As we slip towards darker nights, the forecast charts are offering up a lot more of the same, with a real reluctance of any kind of blocking high developing, to keep the wind south-easterly. There's lows out there this week and over the weekend, but they are mobile and too close to produce more than a short offshore window so timing is everything.
Best times at the moment, look like being Fri evening and maybe again on Monday as the wind backs south or south-east ahead of the next batch of sh!t weather.

Fri eve


And its all been quiet on the hurricane side of things too. Nothing of major interest has come our way yet, but Gordon, http://www.weathercast.co.uk/tropical-storms/storm/2012-al8.html will waft some not very interesting long period stuff our way towards the end of today. If you can find anywhere on the south coast that is offshore in a westerly wind you might get lucky.


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