Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hurricanes - we like

Ooooh, well that wasn't too bad then was it. The wind stayed nice and light this morning and there was more than enough waves to share around.

Eyes down for later this week too - its a little tricky to pull out the detail at the moment but the picture is that there is a hurricane out there and most of the forecasts have some long period swells buried somewhere in the forecast spectral plots.

There is a hurricane out there and here's where it will be on Tuesday according to the European forecasters -

Note there is a lot of calm sea between west Corn and the hurricane and this is a good thing. The type of swell you get from these kind of storms are High period swells with a low wavelength which get easily disrupted if there is a lot of local wind. Conditions look nice for the swell to run in underneath a high to the west of Corn around Weds or Thurs and then last for several days - it is a little difficult to give more detail than that as the spectral partition data from the American forecasters is currently more than 36 hours old, tainted with that 28second glitch i referred to a couple of days ago and there are multiple pulses and swells and quite a bit of divergence in the various models too.


Let me simplify it - I reckon there could be waves later in the week, smallish but nice ones. Light offshore late Weds through to Fri - perfect for gliding on the log and enough to get the short-boarders frothing on Thursday.


  1. What affect do you think the fact it is generating the wrong side of the azores will be? Normally i'd be quietly getting excited but according to the 16 day charts on swell forecast its generating with the azores directly between the fetch and the UK, and so close to the storm that I'm a bit worried it might make it an odd one for the forecast engines!

  2. Ideally the Azores wouldn't be there, and of course it will suck some of the juice out of it but you can still see a fair bit of high period waves getting through. I'm more concerned with what the local winds are going to be like late this week and over the weekend - not looking too bad at the moment.