Sunday, 23 June 2013

Azores high is back

After all the huff and puff of this weekend - things look like calming down nicely this week, as high pressure sets out its towel on the beach and looks set to hang round for a bit. I think it will be a slow process before it warms up, as it will build in from the W, rather than the south-west, but anything has got to be better than this past weekend. You know the weather's shite if you've been surfing the South Coast in June.

Pretty much all week, there'll be a NW wind and there's enough going on up around the NW Atlantic to make things look interesting around the weekend. But one thing to watch is Tuesday morning - as low pressure leaves and before the new high establishes itself, there'll be a spell of rather slack wind and a couple of feet to be getting on with, maybe even the odd three footer, so if you can find a nice bank and a log before breakfast, I'm sure there'll be some fun.

Wednesday's Atlantic chart above shows the next developing situation - it's not ideal - the main pulse of the swell from the Low near Greenland isn't going to be going to be thrusting towards Corn, but there may be a bit of spatter coming our way, so the weekend is certainly worth a sniff at this stage. Especially as the European forecasters want to pull the centre of the high across Southern England and into the Channel by Sunday, and that will make for offshore winds on the north shore.

Here's high noon on Sunday.

Sunday's a long way off, so this forecasts will probably be totally wrong but it is worth keeping an eye on.

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