Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pretty grotty...

Well that's it for the warm sushine for a while. After a couple of weeks of sunshine, the Atlantic has charged back into life, and depressions going to cross the UK. There's a broad area of low pressure out there, with a series of not very nice looking depressions developing on the southern flange and rattling up across the west country and Ireland. 

The flow is broadly SW'ly for the beginning of this week, so there will be waves heading in from the west of Portugal, and these will most likely become quite large from the middle of the week. It's a mobile scenario, and there's hope that the wind might nudge just the right side of southerly to make something happen on Friday. It's touch and go though. 

After that it's anyone's guess really, but Sunday might just be offering up a calmer day - at at the moment there's consensus of the wind backing into the SE to clean up what ever's left of the swell. One to watch, as if this scenario pans out as per the current charts, there'll be 4-5 foot of swell with 10 or 11 seconds going right up the Channel and both coasts will be getting some nice ones. 

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