Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Loads more wind tomorrow before it calms down again later on Friday. Then it gets interesting - A hot stepper will sidle north-east from the Bay of Biscay overnight and into Saturday morning, but ahead of it will be a lot of slack air which will eventually brisken up to produce a south-easterly wind. The track, speed and intensity of this low are being hotly debated amongst the different forecast models right now. The wind might slacken enough on Friday evening but I think it's now a little more certain that Sat, first thing, will have a SE'ly breeze before gets windy again later in the morning. It's a small window and likely to be at its best when its dark unfortunately, but the dusky hunter or the early worm might score one in the bushes.

This low is an interesting one, as it will disrupt the westerly flow we've seen coming in off the Atlantic this past few weeks. After is whizzes though the pattern changes to a wintry one, as the upper trough moves from the Atlantic, across the UK into the North Sea putting the UK under a NE flow and more depressingly, on the cold side of the Jet.

Next week, the consensus seems to be that the same NE flow will draw in some proper bad boy cold air from Lapland.

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