Friday, 16 November 2012

what happened to the Sun?

The surf's still nice this morning but it's a lot smaller - the dreaded kicks in from about 2100 tonight then it'll stay that way - NWerly all day tomorrow...

...and then the scenario changes to a much more mobile scenario for next week - the jet is going to strengthen to the west of the UK while high pressure sits motionless like a fat turd stuck down the bog in western Russia - this will strengthen the gradient in the West Country, as successive fronts and bands or rain dive east. There'll be waves, and quite big ones I think, but it will be a struggle against the wind. There will be calmer moments when the wind backs south or south easterly and backs off and these will be the windows to look for but there its too early right now to give the detail other than hinting that Wednesday morning looks most favorable at the moment. Otherwise, the nooks should deliver the goods.

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