Thursday, 6 December 2012


If you don't mind surfing when it is utterly freezing, then next week is going to offer up some pretty decent waves I think.

Here's the Atlantic chart from ECMWF on Sunday - a nice low berthed up in the middle of the Atlantic and the ridge I was talking about earlier in the week snuzzled down over the UK. Meanwhile, flipping cold air is nestled in over Scandinvia and with a general easterly flow that means it'll be icy. It's not the most powerful low, nor is it aligned in the best place way but I think there's some good potential that will get waves into the medium sized range by the middle of next week.

The wind direction has some work to do to, it's a little too north of east for my liking at the moment but only by a fraction, but it will be offshore all along the Aardvark's nose so you might have to go west to get the best.

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  1. Here we go again. Firstly the water is still around 12C so not cold, if you can't surf in winter in the UK then find another sport. It's even warmer in Cornhole than Wales but of course you live in London, that famous surf area....

    As for wind having north in it, deary me are you honestly saying nowhere works REALLY well on a northly?

    You ought to go into another line of work.