Friday, 21 December 2012

Good week

Blimey - what a week - hopefully I've brought home some bacon this week, and oh boy, what lovely waves in Spain. Me and one other out at one stage, the day before was allegedly the best it has been for years but you won't hear me complaining.

King of the Goblins
Thanks to Peggy for the photo lending me a towel. Wish I could have stayed as there looks like plenty more to come - They buggers off to Morocco tomorrow for some xmas, waves must be foaming with excitement.

Back here, the pattern looks locked down for at least the next week as a deep, entrenched upper trough sits to the west of Ireland - this will bring low after low and strong winds, not to mention the a bathtub of rain. Most of the next week the wind will be whistling in from the south-west, so its a case of tucking in out of the wind,  but it will be veering and backing from time to time and this might make the main beaches and perhaps the south-coast worth a sniff. Monday and Tuesday are perhaps the most interesting looking days, as there are hints of some disruption to the main upper trough and perhaps the development of a smaller system turning the wind more southerly on Monday.

 Meanwhile, fronts moving through on Christmas morning may swing it northwesterly in the afternoon so the south coast could have a short offshore window. Nice way to burn the turkey off.


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