Saturday, 29 December 2012


There has been plenty of frolicking over the past week or so and also some not bad waves if you are prepared to put some mileage in to find the. Shamefully I don't surf the south coast much these days, as when it is good its a mighty fine place to be - especially this time of year when the wind is veering and backing like a fiddler's elbow.

It never ceases to amaze me that the same faces I used see around 20, and in some cases 25 years ago are still pounding the backroads between the Texaco garage in Snorstul down towards Veryan. I wonder how much petrol has been wasted over the years hunting around for scraps? Wonder if they'll still be doing it in another 25 years?

I can't remember the water being so warm around christmas time and I was happy as Larry for a few hours this afternoon with no boots, nor hood, nor gloves. Lots of bird action as well, think there was some sort of midwinter petrel and shithawk symposium the other side of Black Head as that's where they all seemed to be going.

2012 won't go down as a classic year I don't think - there was nearly 6 months with hardly any south-easterly wind from March through to September and I reckon that must go down as one of the worst spring/summer periods since (my) records began.

The winter storms of the last few weeks will continue for the next few days but there looks like being a big change just after the new year beds in.

Before that though, the south coast is going to bowl one mighty last over and I'm having trouble stopping my trousers from bulging.

The American forecasters show dream south-coast charts - a pretty decent south-westerly hoolie, and a decent sw swell ahead of a big isobar elbow creeping east through Monday afternoon.

Mon Morning

Noon Mon

So the rough plan for Monday - As soon as the rain stops, wheel spin out of Polgooth and turn left on the Meva road.
Spect Levvie will be heaving too and there will be some leftovers on NYD I think.  

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