Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nearly everyone I know seems to have either disappeared off somewhere else, or is just about to - skiing, tropical paradises, Morrocco, central America and Norfolk. More the fool them I say, as there's been some good waves around and more to come.

The jet has his foot on the hammer over Nova Scotia, (see purple bit on the map below) and with lots of cold air driving off north America, a big unit will develop in the central Atlantic - some charts say as low as 950mb. 

The jet will dive south over central Europe next week after what could be a nice weekend with light, perhaps offshore winds and a slowly dying swell.  


There will be some big stuff early next week and the wind hasn't made its mind up yet where it will be blowing from, but there is more than one model, and some back up from the ensembles (see charts from below) suggesting offshore winds on Monday, for when the swell is peaking - one to watch closely over the weekend. 

After that, its looking promising - as well. Everything looks like calming down and the wind should turn SE'ly later next week. 

Give me Cornwall any day. 

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