Wednesday, 2 January 2013


At about 8.30 on NYE's a human chain of revellers and lots of booze came down a spiral stair case in deepest darkest Cornwall. I was a couple of bottles of Crabbies in, but for one reason or another I pulled off the back of what could have been a hefty session and ended up being pretty much the only person to the west of St Austell who escaped without a hangover on New Years day. Good job, as the sun was up and the wind offshore - Apart from climbing into a sopping wet suit, a perfect start to the year.

The New Year marked a big change in the weather too - for the time being at least, the relentless strong wind and rain will be replaced by light south winds and some sunshine by the end of the week. 

There are also some decent swell generators out in the drink too - think 1.5 to 2m and 12-14 seconds, pretty much constantly from now 'til early next week - plenty big enough for most at this time of year.



I suspect over the weekend it will get pretty decent but just watch for the wind nudging around to just west of southerly at times. 



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