Sunday, 6 January 2013

Not a bad set up...

Plenty wave in the last couple of days, and more today, although it does look a bit wibbly wobbly this morning, but with a bit of effort and perhaps a bit of trailing around, I reckon there's oats to be eaten.

It's quite a complicated scenario this week - apathy has taken over pressure systems and nothing really seems to be taking control - there's a whole load of flabby lows, and sprawling highs drifting across Europe but also some swell generators out west - the current swell will hang around through today and tomorrow, at about the same size but Tuesday will be smaller I think.
Generally, (at least for the first part of the week) the wind will remain in the southerly quadrant

Wednesday looks nice - barely a scrap of wind after a new swell fills in overnight. Could be some decent waves and some lovely sunshine.

Beyond that, and it looks like getting colder - the Europeans bring super cold air from Estonia, the Americans try to do the same but later and less cold, while the MO looks like developing a growler out west with a general downward trend in temperatures.

I was looking some charts on Friday and there were some pretty good indications of a warming of the Stratosphere - this is linked with a weakening or evening a reversal of the polar vortex which tends to have a dramatic effect on temperatures - it is likely to be a cold second half to Janvier i suspect.

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