Saturday, 25 February 2012

Handbrake turn on the 303

Long walls of glory.
Well there was a fair amount of faffing around last night which culminated in just a silly amount of indecision. The dog and the mrs knows the rules by now - If I'm up, we're all up, and we were out the door by just after 6. My initial intention was to head back to the cottage and see what was around. A more detailed look at the charts steered me into uncharted territory and by Oh nine hundred hours we were in deepest darkest Dorset. Coming over the top of the hill towards Kimmeridge is always a bit of heart in the mooth moment and this morning was one of those ones where you trust your intuition but are never quite sure. Craning the head right at the top of the hill met with a view of clean waves of a decent size. The hammer went back down on the turbo pedal and the dog went ping ponging around in the back as i drove the final mile way too fast. ReSult. Well here it is in all its glory. (one of these is me on the take off)
3 and a half hours, about 20 whompers and cold hands later i was ready for some fodder.

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