Monday, 13 February 2012

Winter Wonder Update.

Hmm, so how good were the waves last week? By all accounts the world and his wife scored some. Midweed waves allround and just about every beach on the north shore had some beauties. While the rest of the country shuddered under temperatures which would have frozen even the most ginormous sumo wrestler to the core, a proper easterly, with its origins deep in in the Arctic wilderness to the north of Moscow, kept everyone shuddering in Europe. It even wiped out a fair chunk of the vagrant community sleeping rough in the great European metropoli all the way from Krakow to Paris. This frigid wind straighted up over the English channel and dumped a few inches of powder a couple of times over the southern and eastern England. Meanwhile, the wind across Corn settled into a rut and neither wavered from that magic south-easterly quadrant nor rose above 10 mile per hour.

Not the most meaty of swells, but they ran all the way into the western approaches at full bore before being cleaned up at the last moment as they marched up past Cape Cornwall towards civilisation.

Swells were all time, nearly all of last week, peaking at about 6-8 foot on Wednesday night and Thursday morning with chest to head high sessions aplenty.

A mystery snapper bagged this beast from the top of Porthtowan looking down towards flat rock, while those that could, bagged a long awaited sickie.

Time to get back in the saddle and get on with some work as the prospects are pretty dismal for the foreseeable. West and north-west winds mean big, bouncy waves and onshore shite for the best part of the next 10 days.

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