Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter Wonder

Brr - it's cold, there's been a blast from the east and sludgy snow lies outside. Meanwhile a thousand miles north-west a big storm is out there kicking out a right old pong.

After last night's dollop its going to settle down tonight and pressure builds out from Scadinavia. Good news if you like ice and the promise of some winter waves.

Tuesday and Wednesday are looking mighty fine - a couple of days of light offshore winds and a grunty old swell coming in from the west.

Get your suit dried out in front of the fire tonight and make sure everythings ready to go on Tuesday morning.

flask of coffee
woolly jumper
the Rab
woolly socks
woolly hat
neoprene (thick) to cover all but the eyes and mouth.
£3 for a pasty on the way home

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