Monday, 20 February 2012

Steady on now ladies....

The last post hinted towards the breaking of spring and some warmer temperatures. It's plain to see here on the charts below, with lots of agreement from all the forecasters on a nice juicy conveyor belt of warm air coming our way direct from the Azores.

So - that means two things are locked in - warmer weather is on the way and also lots of waves from that oh so beautiful (just west of) south-westerly direction.

One thing that is a little annoying however is quite what will happen next - not all the forecast charts have the same prognosis for Saturday. This is where the real skill in weather forecasting comes in. If the charts aren't all the same, which ones do you believe and when? Below we see a number of outcomes for the weekend from the main forecast providers. It's a variation on the same theme (a nice high cosying down in front of the fireplace over southern England) but the devil is in the detail and so careful analysis is required to score the best waves.

UKMO - perfectly position with just the lightest the wind puffing away from the east against a beefy old westerly swell.

Here's EC which hints towards a more south-westerly solution, which could be a disaster.

And this from the Americans.... not bad either.

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